This article is a follow-up to an egyptology research project directed by Mr. Frédéric Servajean and defended at Montpellier 3 University Paul Valéry on June 13, 2018. The aims of this paper are to demonstrate to what extent the study of a stela found at Tell Defenneh can be instructive to assess the place of this site within the trade routes connecting Egypt and Arabia in the first millennium BC. A contextualization and a commented translation of this document seem coherent with a South-Arabian localization of the land of Punt. It emerges that the studied text relates a Saite expedition towards the East and confirms material traces of contacts with these territories uncovered at Tell Defenneh. In addition, the domestication of the dromedary from the beginning of the first millennium and the Saite policies of control of the trade routes of the East tend to confirm the inscription of Tell Defenneh in this network.