Publication of pLouvre E 5353, of Roman Period and of unknown provenance, written for the benefit of a woman named Ḥr-ʿnḫ. The text, whose beginning is missing, nowadays consists of four pages, the last one left free from any inscription or drawing. On the two first pages, one can read a text, rather long and written in hieratic, preceded by a few illustrations from the Book of the Dead. Introduced by the ch. 125 and some original sequences, among which a short borrowing from the “great decree issued for the nome of igeret”, this text, in which several officiants play a part, includes an execration ritual against Apophis, and goes on with excerpts of ch. 163 of the Book of the Dead, and of (the) scene 72b of the Ritual of opening the mouth. Several clues here and there in the papyrus suggest that the magical rites here described, though unexpected in such a funerary context, were performed during the last days of Khoiak, and contributed, together with the rest of the text, to the deceased’s rebirth like Osiris.