The Sherden were a part of Sea Peoples who attacked Egypt during the Ramesside period. The Sherden raiders were enemies of Egypt at the beginning of the reign of Ramesses II, who proclaimed its victory on them. After their defeat, many of them were captured and integrated into the Egyptian army, becoming one of the best troops of foreign auxiliaries. They were used by Egyptians during all the Ramesside period. They served as units of infantry or as bodyguards of the king. The famous reliefs describing the battle of Qadech and the battle of Dapour in the time of Ramesses II, the Libyan war of Merenptah, and the Libyan and northern wars of Ramesses III, refer to the significant presence of the Sherden units in the Egyptian army. This paper surveys and discusses the military role of Sherden warriors in the Egyptian army during the Ramesside period.