Descending the Nile from Kom Ombo, the god Sobek is named differently when he stops for a moment in the temple of Esna: his name is Shemanefer. Both crocodile-headed deities, their iconographic contours are the same, but the new latopolitan god is portrayed wearing several crowns that reflect the many characters of Sobek he inherited. Wearing the tjeni-crown, Shemanefer obtains similar functions to those of Sobek-Geb ; with the hemhem on his head, the latopolitan crocodile is a child-god modelled on Sobek-Horus; crowned with the solar disk, he is an animal form used by the sun, as is already the case with Sobek-Ra, but his nature contains also an osirian touch. The set of personalities of the ombite crocodile, somehow partitioned, forms the figure of Shemanefer even if those are in reality complementary aspects that unite with each together inside this new god.