The top of the lid of the Wereshnefer sarcophagus, preserved at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York under inventory number 14.7.1b, is the support of a single cosmological representation to this day. The space delimited by the body of the goddess Nut, as curved as the celestial vault itself, is occupied by a huge circle which constitutes the representation center. Above it, stands an arm opened female figure while it is supported by a pair of raised arms resting on a pair of legs. This circle, consisting of a center and two concentric rings, represents not only Egypt and its neighboring countries but also a mysterious space in relation to the beyond and regeneration. The whole representation is, in our opinion, an interpretation of the first hour of the Book of the Day, illustrating the goddess Nut bringing the sun into the world and therefore the cosmos itself. This iconographic creation, with multiple levels of reading, testifies to a conception of an elaborate world in which cosmogony and cosmology meet.