From the unpublished papers of Jacques-Joseph Champollion-Figeac kept in Grenoble (Archives départementales de l’Isère) new informations are brought to light about the French expedition of year 1830 sent to Luxor, Egypt, to bring to Paris the obelisk given to Jean-François Champollion by Mehemet-Ali. During their stay in Thebes, the officers of the team paid the drogman Y?s?f Kashef for the extraction of the sarcophagus of the Divine Votaress Ankhnesneferibr? at Deir el-Medina. They transferred it to France with the obelisk wanting to sell this monument to the French Government who refused the transaction. In 1836, through an unknown way, the French officers were able to sell the sarcophagus to the British Museum.