The study of the stela of Minhotep Hututu (Cairo Museum 17/5/25/7 [SR 12041]) and comparison with few lines of papyrus Ermitage 1116-B verso, (38) - (39), make sure that Minhotep Hututu was indeed contemporaneous with Amenhotep III, and that he even participated in one of the king’s jubilees. Consequently, papyrus Ermitage 1116-B verso is likely more recent than the reign of Amenhotep II to which it has always been attributed. This is also supported by two occurrences of a cartouche naming Thutmosis IV which were until now misinterpreted as cartouches of Thutmosis III [lines (61) and (66)]. Minhotep could also be the father of the high priest of Amun under Tutankhamun, Parennefer / Wenennefer, whose Theban tomb was found in 1990 by Fr. Kampp and K. Seyfried. He may also have been related to the steward Sennefer whose tomb, located at the foot of the Bubasteļon cliff, was located and excavated by A.-P. Zivie.