The Bes figure vases have been, to this day, significantly attested in the stratigraphic contexts of Tell el-Herr (located in the northern part of the Sinaitic peninsula), whether of domestic, military or cultural nature. Their durability over several decades of occupancy of the site hence enables fine-tuned classification of the crockery specific to the period of interest here: the period ranging from the middle of the Vth century to the first quarter of the IVth century BC. Among the new shapes identified, some of them, in addition to their decoration, standing out by their atypical profile. This contribution highlights four vases whose the rarity of the testimonies in Egypt as well as in the boundary territories, just like the degree of refinement with which these vases were manufactured, lead to assume that their genesis may point to another repertoire as that of ceramic. Some characteristics suggest connections with the repertoire of metal, stone or earthen ceremonial crockery.