A summary report about a religious formula whose first attestations date back to the very beginning of the New Kingdom. The starting point for this study is a demotic version written on P. Bodl. MS. Egypt. a.3(P). The text is preceded by no title but it is, as shown by several parallels, one of the last known attestations of a “formula for presenting offerings” (rA n wAH xwt). Its linear analysis, but also examination of the different contexts in which it appears throughout its history, make it possible to situate the reading in the religious calendar. The presence of this formula in the Oxford manuscript next to an original version of the Ritual of bringing Sokar out of the STyt, read on 25 Khoiak (this date is explicitely specified in II, 1), as well as many internal elements, confirm if need be its place in the corpus of the rites performed that month.