Following the seminal work of S. Sauneron and J. Yoyotte about the isheru, this article focuses on some aspects. Some texts from the Hathor’s temple of Dendera describe the ritual function of “making an isheru”, within the pacifying of the Far-Away Goddess and the return of the flood. One of the demons of Sekhmet, called the “Maker-of-isheru”, could play the same role in both pacifying the goddess and giving her a favourable place to give birth to her offspring. The natural origin of isheru is linked to the flood, as it is reported in the mythological texts about the digging of the Mout’s lake at Karnak. The lake refers to ponds appearing in the edge of the desert, before the river starts to swell. This phenomenon corresponds to the mythological role of isheru in the pacifying and the return of the Far-Away Goddess, before the arrival of the flood.